Portsmouth, second largest city in Dominica is a vibrant town. During colonial times Portsmouth was identified as the site for establishing the country’s capital due to its natural harbor, but the malaria causing mosquito infested the nearby swamps and so fully developing the town into the capital of Dominica had to be reconsidered. Roseau was chosen instead as the capital; however, Portsmouth remains the second largest town, is full with life excitement. The inhabitants of Portsmouth often have no reason to go into Roseau because, banking, shopping and internet are widely available and can be accessed in comfort.

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The harbor town of Portsmouth, Dominica second largest city, is located on the northwestern coast of Dominica near Prince Rupert Bay. Portsmouth, Dominica, is a town known for its commerce, business and nightlife. Visitors to Portsmouth can get an opportunity to observe the lifestyles and habits of the locals and experience Dominica’s culture which is prevalent in Portsmouth. Portsmouth has many local bars, clothing shops and discos. Also, the beach front is lined with local and foreign restaurants such as Sisters’ Sea Lodge, Big Papas, Blue Bay Restaurant, the Purple Turtle Restaurant, Chinese and Italian restaurants.

The famous Cabrits National Park in Portsmouth, Dominica second largest town, was named a World Heritage Site. The Cabrits National Park in Portsmouth consists of a small peninsula to the north of Portsmouth, the historic Fort Shirley and Cabrits Garrison. The national park can be reached by taking the road out of Portsmouth that runs along the edge of Prince Rupert Bay past the Purple Turtle Beach Club. Visitors to Fort Shirley in Portsmouth, Dominica second largest town, can park in the parking lot and enjoy an exhilarating hike uphill to the fort. Along the way visitors and birdwatchers get the opportunity to see some of Dominica’s exotic birds such as: Mangrove Cuckoo, Antillean Crested Hummingbird, Streaked Saltator, Caribbean Elaenia and Frigate birds. The Cabrits Dive Centre is the only dive centre in Portsmouth and specializes in individual and small group diving, particularly for stay over tourist and the yachting community.

With its own sea port, Dominica’s second town, Portsmouth welcomes passengers aboard cruise ships at the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth regularly and on Tuesdays during the off season. In the long house wharf, just five minutes away, cargo boats dock coming from St, Maarteen, St Kitts and other neighboring Caribbean islands.

Dominica is not an island of white sandy beaches but the town of Portsmouth is a town of sand, sea and sun. The golden sandy beaches of Portsmouth, Dominica second largest town, attract many locals and visitors. Portsmouth is still one of the chief ports for bananas. Portsmouth is always bubbling with excitement and on a weekend the nightlife comes alive with pulsating reggae, jazz, Spanish, French and local rhythms. Portsmouth is often considered the second town because a lot of local businesses and banks have offices in the area and the town is ideal for shopping and commercial activities.