Portsmouth accommodations provide a variety of apartments and rooms where visitors, locals and students can reside during their stay in Portsmouth. Accommodation in Portsmouth is among the best on the island where it concerns non hotel accommodations. The town of Portsmouth in Dominica has the most beaches on the island and hence attracts visitors who are granted free and easy access to beaches which line the coast of Portsmouth. Accommodation in Portsmouth is the answer to complete fun and sun while in Dominica and a stay in total comfort and safety.

Portsmouth is an exciting town that lies on the famous Indian River, (given its name by the islands indigenous Carib Indians who lived in the area) one of the many locations chosen on the island for the shooting of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Accommodations in Portsmouth are in different parts of the town, such as in the outskirts where peace, quiet and privacy can be achieved, in the centre of the town or on the beach front, depending on the individual’s preference.

Dominica offers wonderful eco friendly investment possibilities. The Government has sought to facilitate investors and at the same time attract meaningful investment through citizenship by investment which is designed to allow foreign nationals to invest and become eligible to apply for citizenship. Investments are structured and have a minimum amount in order to qualify. Since the citizenship by investment system caters for families as well as individuals, contributions under the program may increase according to the number of persons in a family. There are fixed contributions for families of two which then increase for families which consist of head of household, spouse and two children. The contributions increase further where there are more children in the family, including dependents. It is important to receive sound advice on citizenship programs before applying. Licensed agents in Dominica are competent and offer professional assistance with application requirements and procedures.

International business companies are regulated by specific legislation and offer a series of benefits in terms of privacy and confidentiality. In addition to the IBC, there is also the Limited Liability Company or LLC which is formed by members who can be both owners and managers. LLC’s are hybrid entities since they were created with features of the corporation and partnership. As offshore companies themselves, offshore LLC’s are popular among small firms and undergo a very quick incorporation process, example Nevis company incorporation. Portsmouth accommodations are highly sought by visitors because it is in fact the second largest town in Dominica after the capital Roseau where you can visit Fusion Village Dominica. Portsmouth accommodations are an example of the level of real estate investment that is taking place due to commercial activity and the presence of an offshore university which thousands of foreign students attend.

Portsmouth accommodations are ideally located not too far away from the capital and are about a 45 minute drive away. Opting for an accommodation in Portsmouth over any other part of the island would depend on the individual’s decision to be located in an area where there are interesting places to go. Portsmouth is one of the places in Dominica where most historical sites are found. Choosing a Portsmouth accommodation would mean easy access to the beaches on the island, visits to the tropical rainforests and historical places of interest at the Cabrits National Park and Fort Shirley.

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In addition to its historical relevance to Dominica, Portsmouth is a hub for fun and exciting beach activities. The sea surrounding Portsmouth is designated a marine reserve, and so diving and snorkeling are an excellent activity along the entire coastline. Portsmouth accommodation on a beachfront translates into enjoying refreshing baths in the most beautiful golden beaches in Dominica.

Visitors staying at a beachfront hotel or other accommodation in Portsmouth can enjoy the soothing sounds of the sea while asleep. There is also a well established car rental agency in Portsmouth known as JX Car Rentals which provides reliable rental services so that guests at any of the hotels and guesthouses in Portsmouth can explore the town, surrounding villages and other parts of the Dominica at their leisure.

Along with variety and comfortable accommodation Portsmouth offers a wealth of activities such as:

· Snorkeling

· Diving

· Water sports

· Catamaran sailing

· Bird watching

· Hiking up Dominica’s tallest mountain, Morne Diablotin

· Cabrits National Park

· Boat rides on the Indian river

· River bathing

· Pirate secret beach

· ATV riding

· Bar hoping

· Local and foreign restaurants

· Hiking up to the ruins of the Fort Shirley

Accommodation in Portsmouth includes various sea lodges, hotels and guesthouses. Sister’s Sea lodge is located at the Picard estate in the middle of Prince Rupert Bay. The six cottages are designed in real Dominican craft and are in a tropical garden with bananas, mangoes, coconuts, papayas and pineapples. Sister’s is a few steps away from the sea so fish menus are taken straight from the sea and into the pot. Interestingly the lodge prepares their cuisine carefully on a banana leaf. The leaves are cut in the afternoon, cleaned, and offer enough space to serve all sorts of culinary delights. The restaurant Fusion Village and bar is directly on the seaside and so guest can dine, swim or enjoy the sounds of the waves breaking only a step away.

Also, along the beach the Portsmouth beach hotel is one of the accommodations in Portsmouth located just a half mile away from Portsmouth. There are eighty rooms set in a tropical garden. The hotel offers guest a package with suggested activities such as exploring the historic Ruins of Fort Shirley, snorkeling, Cabrits National Park, rowing up the Indian River, hiking into virgin forest and bird watching. Like all the hotels in the Portsmouth area the beach is only a few steps away. Just north of the hotels jetty, within easy reach, is a coral reef excellent for snorkeling and diving.

Picard Beach Cottages are a popular Portsmouth accommodation for tourists visiting Dominica. The cottages welcome visitors to Portsmouth as it is located near the entrance of the town. Accommodation at the Picard Beach Cottages includes fifteen self contained natural tropical hardwood cottages. The cottages are built in 18th century Dominican architecture on acres of tropical beach front paradise. The cottage has a 65ft sailing catamaran and so cruises are organized for guest regularly; there are the sunset encounter sailing cruise and the sailing and snorkeling cruise.

The Ross University School of Medicine is located in the Portsmouth area and its existence is a major economy resource for the local people especially the landlords. There are a wide range of housing opportunities available to the students, including many houses and other types of accommodation within walking distance from the campus.