Places to visit in Portsmouth are interesting and exciting. Located in the north of Dominica, Portsmouth is strategically found in the part of the island with the highest concentration of beaches and calm seas. There are many places to visit in Portsmouth because of the rich history the town harbors. Most of the places to visit in Portsmouth are of cultural, historical and environmental interest.

Speaking of the highlights of Portsmouth, places to visit include long golden sandy beaches that circle the town and are a popular spot for visitors and locals. Portsmouth was initially intended to be the capital of the island of Dominica due to its vast amounts of flat land and bays. However, because of malaria the town was abandoned. With its natural harbor, places to visit in Portsmouth give a firsthand experience of life in the town and lends to many opportunities for fishing, exporting, transporting and swimming. There is wide range of places to go in Portsmouth offered for visitors.

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Popular beaches and places to visit in Portsmouth are concentrated to the northernmost part of the town and not too far away from well known beaches like the Purple Turtle Beach and the Coconut Beach. Beaches in Portsmouth are sandy with gradual slopes and no waves, and are idyllic locations for swimming. The underwater world is unimaginable, filled with beautiful coral reefs and exotic tropical fish.

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Places to visit in Portsmouth and of extreme interest are the areas which have been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. There are vast areas of tropical rain forests which emerge unto to the coastal lines from the deep interiors of Dominica. The Cabrits National Park, a wonderful place to visit in Portsmouth is not only recognised for its lush green unspoiled vegetation but its history.

Places to visit in Portsmouth will reveal the town’s rich history. In the 18th century Portsmouth and Prince Rupert Bay were considered to be the first and most important object to be secured through fortification on the island of Dominica by the British. This was because of the spaciousness of the bay, the good anchorage and the general safety of the area. A fort was built in what is now the Cabrits National Park, and once housed 600 soldiers.

Another place to visit in Portsmouth is Fort Shirley which was the headquarters and the main defense post of the British army. Some of the fort’s stone ruins have been partially reconstructed and others that are half hidden in the jungle are fun to explore. A visit to Portsmouth’s Prince Rupert Bay from the ruins of the officer’s quarters offer lots of fine views. Island Heritage Inhabitants Ltd., a small locally based company that provides services to heritage sites on the island and places to visit in Portsmouth have undergone a major restoration project of Fort Shirley.

Led by local historian and anthropologist Dr. Lennox Edward Honychurch, the project began in February 2006 and much of the original beauty of the fort has been already restored. Fort Shirley is one of the main places in Portsmouth to visit and historical sites on the island at present.

The waters around the north of the Cabrits Peninsula are a wonderful place to visit in Portsmouth and are a designated Marine Reserve. Diving and snorkeling can be arranged at the Cabrits Dive Centre located in Prince Rupert Bay, a 5 minute drive from the Purple Turtle Beach. The dive centre offers tourists, principally stop over tourists, the opportunity to explore the underwater world of the Portsmouth area. Near the Toucari Beach volcanic gas bubbles are visible at the surface of the water and also divers get the opportunity to explore a very old wreck of a wooden ship.

To the south of Portsmouth a place to visit is the tranquil Indian River. The river can be accessed mainly by row boat. The area is a coastal wetland dominated by spectacular buttressed Bwa Mang trees. The mangrove fringed river flows into the Glanvillia Swamp. Boat trips along the river are very popular and are perfect for bird watchers and nature lovers. Indian River boat trips can be arranged through the locals at the main road bridge over the river. The row boats go to an area where the river narrows and visitors get out and take a walk or go to the Bush Bar for a rum punch or fruit juice or visit Fusion Village Restaurant Dominica wtih excellent Fusion Village Restaurant Menu. The Indian River is one of the best attractions and places to visit in Portsmouth. Visitors get the opportunity to see some of the most astounding variety of flora on the island, and are also likely to see Herons, Kingfish and iguanas.

Portsmouth, with its 2,977 inhabitants is the second largest town in Dominica. The town is home to some of the islands most varied flora, fauna and beautiful beaches. Most importantly, Portsmouth is home to some of Dominica’s most interesting places to visit in Dominica and historical sites, with the tranquil water of the Indian River among one of the best places to visit in Portsmouth.