Portsmouth has developed as a true haven for real estate over the past decade as a result of the area’s flat terrain and large amounts of unoccupied land. Portsmouth real estate has directly benefited from the establishment of a major international offshore medical school which contributed to real estate investment in high rise, beautifully designed and fully contained apartment buildings for students. Real estate in communities to the north of Portsmouth is developed due to the scenic views and unexplored white sand beaches found in that zone.

The second passport program gives investors tow options to qualify for St. Kitts citizenship. There is the sugar investment diversification fund and an investment program for real estate. Application requirements are strict and must be followed by applicants. Agents such as ourselves are licensed service providers for processing citizenship applications. Successful applicants are interviewed by the authorities and thus are required to have working knowledge of the English language. Other asset protection devices such as trusts and foundation are created for estate planners wishing to preserve assets.

The Dominica Corporation is an international business company (IBC) which is tax free and designed for business and investment purposes. This Dominica offshore company offers privacy and limits liability. Nevis has a quick, efficient incorporation process which makes it possible to fully register corporations. To register in Dominica, a licensed service provider must be used for advice and to act as an intermediary between local authorities and offshore clients

Portsmouth is largely rural but full of unspoiled natural vegetation. Portsmouth real estate in ecotourism development is a birdwatcher and nature lover’s dream. Portsmouth real estate benefits from amazing golden beaches that border the town. Real estate in Portsmouth lends to the possibility for the development of beach front villas, cottages and resorts.

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Portsmouth is often referred to as a harbor town because it is encompassed by several beaches. Beaches in Portsmouth are of a much lighter shade than those toward the south of Dominica where more volcanic activity is evident. The protected marine life presents many opportunities for real estate investment in Portsmouth. The marine life of Portsmouth is awe inspiring as there are a variety of coral reefs to explore and underwater ship wrecks. The Portsmouth area has scenic waterfront properties with views from the Caribbean Sea and towering mountains.

Portsmouth has five villages; Glanvillia, Lagoon, Picard, Toucari and Tan Tan. Portsmouth real estate for retirement is an investment for residing in a peaceful, loving town with pure natural beauty at every turn. It is an ideal location to own property or do business.

Real estate investment in Portsmouth has worked in the best interests of local residents due to the number of jobs and ancillary services which were created as a result of real estate investment in Portsmouth.

Real estate investment in Portsmouth can be an investor’s dream with breathtaking underwater scenery, a local market selling fresh produce daily, fully contained supermarkets, restaurants - Fusion Village Event, local cuisine including German, Chinese, Italian and French dishes, and a natural environment filled with wonder, please visit the best restaurant in Dominica.

Many people who wish to own real estate or a home in at least one home in the Caribbean fantasize about owning a property close to the beach, of literally getting up from bed and walking the seashore, taking a dip in the ocean at any time and breathing fresh sea breeze. Every village in Portsmouth is located in very close proximity to the sea. The world famous Indian River is also in Portsmouth, visitors can enjoy daily boat rides up the river enjoying the extraordinary flora and fauna and an array of species of birds which are indigenous to the area.

Portsmouth real estate represents exceptional value for money. Like all other real estate available in Dominica there is no capital gains tax for purchasing and selling property in Portsmouth. Non-nationals wanting to invest in real estate property in Portsmouth can obtain up to 1 acre for personal use free of any constraints and up to 3 acres of land for business purposes without applying for an Alien Landholding License.

Established in 1978, the Ross University School of Medicine part of Devry University has one of its main campuses in Portsmouth, Dominica. The university has over 1,000 students mainly from the US and Canada and its existence in the area has been a major economic resource for the local people, especially landlords who rent their apartments to students. Students coming to the university rarely have relatives who live in Dominica so housing is always a necessary commodity the community of Portsmouth can offer. There are a number of real estate agencies located in Portsmouth and as such investors who are interested in Portsmouth real estate possibilities can get the assistance of a real estate agent. Apartments are priced per month and the cost depends on the proximity to the school, and the amenities offered. At present the Picard area is filled with apartments and houses for the University’s students and plans for the construction of new apartments are always ongoing.

If looking to invest in a simpler life near to nature, where it is possible to eat fresh foods, breathe fresh air and enjoy nature’s wonders, Portsmouth is ideal. Located about an hour from the capital Roseau, Portsmouth is just right for real estate investment in that it is a lovely community bursting with rich cultural heritage and natural scenery that takes one’s breath away.